We are the Players of Quality Halo Clan

Did your previous clan get distracted with other games?

At PÕQ we're all here for Halo!

Who We Are

The oldest and largest Halo PC/CE clan, established in 2006. Over 100 active Halo players who love the game and value great sportsmanship.

Our Servers

40 dedicated Halo servers open to the public, some with custom modifications like extra portals, no falling damage, sped up tanks, powered snipers, and flying warthogs. Many of our servers are rated among the most popular game servers on Halo.

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Keep up to date on our forums or drop into our Discord server. We're also on Facebook.

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Your donations keep our servers running! Thanks to all who have donated!


Unban Appeal

You can request to have your ban reviewed if you have been breaking our server rules.

Unban Appeal