--> Important Changes to Halo!!

--> Cambios Importantes en Halo!!

We are one of the oldest and largest Halo PC/CE clans. Established in 2006, POQ is a group of more than 100 active Halo players that love the game. Our members are known for their sportsmanship and good attitude.

We're always looking for new members!

If you're interested in joining our clan, click on Join PQ. There are no skill tests but we do have standards to uphold so please read them and we'll review your application.

Maybe your previous clan got distracted with other games and Halo was becoming less important to them. At POQ we're all here for HALO! If Halo is your game then POQ is your new home!

Currently we have 12 dedicated public servers, some with custom modifications leading to extra portals, no falling damage, speeded tanks, powered snipers, flying cars and much more. Many of our servers are rated among the most popular game servers on Halo.

Have a look around our site, particularly our forums and our Facebook page. Or drop into our TeamSpeak TS3.

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