PÕQ Clan Charter

Since the PÕQ Clan is quite large, we feel it is necessary to set out a clear set of rules and guidelines for how we expect our members to conduct themselves, what is expected of them, and how they will benefit as a member. This might sound simple and/or obvious, but these are important things to remember as a member of this clan.

Being a Member

When you're in-game, it is expected that you are working toward the goal the team is trying to accomplish, not just trying to get the most kills (excluding slayer). There are many people who play online games who believe they are heroes. Some of them are genuinely good at playing Halo, however we are not in the clan to elevate any specific individuals to a higher level than the clan as a whole.

Treat Others With Respect, Integrity, Honesty And Friendship

An important element as a member of this Clan is respect. If you don't respect your fellow clan mate, then how can you expect others to respect you? This goes for the people we play with as much as your fellow clan mates. Online gaming attracts trash talking and animosity, but we should always try to rise above it and continue to treat fellow players and opponents with respect. Remember that you are representing the clan as a whole whenever you play in public wearing the clan tags. Even if you are playing under a pseudonym, poor behavior has a way of coming back to haunt you. Getting kicked or banned under a pseudonym can still have repercussions.

We expect honesty and integrity in our membership. It is very important that everyone within the clan can share their honest opinion with each other in a respectful constructive way. Honesty is important for the friendships we have within the clan, so if you don't feel you can be honest with us then this clan is not for you. Gaming online provides a sense of anonymity, however words are powerful and feelings can be injured easily. Be mindful of your tone so as not to offend anyone, including guests who visit our servers. Do not think that there will not be consequences for one's actions in-game.

Clan Rules


  • Attitude: All applicants must demonstrate a good attitude and friendly personality, since by joining the PÕQ Clan they will become our representative in the games they play and their conduct and behavior will be under close scrutiny. If a member acts in an inappropriate manner, or breaks clan rules, then that member will be removed from the clan.
  • Multi-clanning: All members are expected to be solely committed to the PÕQ Clan as their Halo clan, and should not play for any other Halo PC/CE clans. Your enrollment in any additional Halo clans shows you are not dedicated to the PÕQ Clan and you will be asked to decide if you wish to leave the other Halo clan or leave PÕQ Clan.


  • In order for this clan to work properly, communication is vital. Just as we expect people to be honest, we feel it is important that our members are able to express their feelings and thoughts to each other. All our members communicate regularly through a program called Evolve and on our Clan Forums. You need to have Evolve installed, and be registered on the forums so that you can communicate with us. We expect you to check our clan forum regularly for news, announcements, events and general updates.
  • When playing in clan servers or clan sponsored games, it is expected that you will use your appropriate clan tag. On occasion, you notice a Leader or Administrator not wearing their tags. In these cases, these individuals may be involved in recruitment or investigating other issues.

Teamwork, Fair Play and Clan Activity

  • As a member of the PÕQ Clan you are at all times an ambassador for the clan. This means that your behavior must at all times reflect the values of the clan. This goes beyond your attitude and friendliness towards other clan members and members of the public and extends to how you play on clan servers.
  • As a clan we are more interested in playing games to enjoy them and work as a team than for anybody's individual personal glory. This means that we expect members to play for the team regardless of if they are playing in a clan match or on a public server. So long as you are representing the clan, you should always carry our values with you.
  • Cheating is something that we as a clan will not tolerate. If it is discovered that you are using any aimbots or hacks you will be banned from our servers and expelled from the clan immediately without exception.
  • Minimum Game Play: Although there is no official requirement for you to play, it is requested that members play regularly (minimum of 1 hour a week).
  • AFK? We know that many of you are involved in schooling, or various job activities that occasionally may keep you from playing for extended amounts of time. Halo is just a game. If you feel you need to take a short leave from gaming and the clan, just let us know by posting on the Inactive section of our forums. Even if you decide to become inactive, you would be welcome to stay in touch with us and visit the forums; becoming busy doesn't mean you have to abandon your friends. We do send out activity checks via e-mail on occasion. If you have been unresponsive for 6 weeks, giving us no reason for your absence, we will assume you have chosen to leave and your name will be deleted from the member's list and clan sites. If your reasons for leaving are related to the clan itself, then we ask that you talk to a Leader beforehand so that we can resolve the problems (if we can).
  • Activity: To be considered active you must visit the forums regularly and contribute in posting, be active in Halo, and on Evolve. Should you be Inactive for a period of 35 days or more, you can be removed from the clan (unless prior notification of absence was made).

Clan Resources

  • Our clan website is at poqclan.com. The website includes clan information, a member's roster, forums for discussions, various links and an online application page.
  • The clan Evolve page is located at https://www.evolvehq.com/groups/poq-clan. The page includes a calendar of upcoming events.
  • Servers: This clan operates and maintains servers for the enjoyment of our members and the Halo community. These maps are typically highly modded, making the game experience different than on any other similar maps. Most of the servers are open to the public, while one is exclusively for our members. Most players are here to have fun, but there are some who cheat, are abusive, or just can't help but to use foul language. These are not the kinds of players we want on our servers. If these types of players cannot be persuaded into better game etiquette with warnings, then it may be necessary to kick or even ban them from the server.

Game Server Rules: The following rules apply to ALL members of this clan.

  • Do not swear, do not type in caps, and do not insult any player in any way. Instead, say nice shot, etc. Also say good game, or something similar at the end of the game. Basically, be a good sport.
  • Do not "Team Shoot" or "Betray" anyone, even if they took your flag, or even if they have betrayed you before. Remind them it is against our server rules and if they keep doing this then you can kick them from the server. Or, if you don't have the power to do so, then just wait until they team kill 6 times and they will be auto-banned. Do not encourage people to team kill you so that they will get banned.
  • If the teams are uneven, then switch to the team that has the least amount of players. DO NOT stay, or switch to the team that has the most players. This will just make it worse.
  • Any issue you have with another clan member should never be handled in a server. Any problems will be addressed outside of the game either by Evolve or e-mail. Insulting or arguing with another clan member in a server is punishable by either probation or expulsion from the clan. No clan member should ever disrespect another within a server.

Discipline and Leaving the Clan

  • Although the clan is and always will remain a group of friends and a social gathering, it cannot exist without the rules discussed above. As such, it must be remembered that breaking these rules will not be without consequences.
  • The following offences are considered gross misconduct and will be punished by immediate dismissal from the clan:
    • Use of aimbots, cheats, hacks or glitching or any code which is considered illegal in professional gaming circles.
    • Failure to take part in clan activities for 35 days without first announcing their intention to take a break.
    • Posting or reproducing internal clan information to individuals or other websites outside the clan without express permission or arrangement.
    • Repeated severe bad behavior in contravention of the rules stated above concerning teamwork, fair play and mutual respect.

Hierarchy and the Decision-Making

  • Although PÕQ Clan is friendly and open to suggestions from all members, in order to ensure the security of the clan, websites and servers, an element of hierarchy is necessary:
    • Leaders: administer the websites, the servers and maps. This group also accepts new applicants, as well as making all major decisions for the clan.
    • Senior Administrators: help in administering the clan by researching and evaluating applications and assisting the Leaders.
    • Administrators: are entrusted with rcon codes to our servers so they can monitor game play and handle player issues on the servers.
    • Members: are here to play the game they love and help enforce the rules. They're also included in clan events.
  • Rank Promotions: One of the privileges of being a member in good standing is having access to the rcon codes of the servers to help us police them. Basic membership in the clan does not include this, but Administrator rank and above have access to the rcon codes. Having rcon codes are a privilege and this information is distributed by Leaders only. Any other clan member discovered to be distributing rcon codes or in possession of rcon codes without permission are breaching clan security and will be subject to discipline at the Leader's discretion. Members must be active in the clan for a minimum of 1 month and have shown they follow the clan rules before being considered for Admin-In-Training (AIT is the formal process leading to receiving Administrator rank). After 1 month of AIT then members can apply to become an Administrator.


  • Being a member of the PÕQ Clan means more than just wearing the tag of an elite group of gamers. PÕQ is a Clan where people can meet, share, grow, experience, and appreciate life from different perspectives as we reach into many global communities. Take the time to live and learn and enjoy a game that is just fun to play!
  • By applying to join the clan it is assumed you have read, understood and agreed to this charter.
  • Ignorance never excuses poor behavior.
  • Happy Gaming :)