Unban Appeal

Banned players must follow this process. There are no shortcuts.

Step 1: Open the banlist of the server you were banned from

Halo PC Banlists

Server Current Name Banlist
PC1 POQclan.com PC1: Intense Gulch Banlist
PC2 POQclan.com PC2: Intense Gulch Banlist
PC3 POQclan.com PC3: Massacre Island Banlist
PC4 POQclan.com PC4: Massacre Isle 2 Banlist
PC5 POQclan.com PC5: Gruesome Gephy Banlist
PC6 POQclan.com PC6: 1000V DC Banlist
PC7 POQclan.com PC7: Super Snipers Banlist
PC8 POQclan.com PC8: Shotty-Rockets Banlist
PC9 POQclan.com PC9: Intense Gulch Banlist
PC10 POQclan.com PC10: 1000V DC Banlist
PC11 POQclan.com PC11: Infinitron Banlist
PC12 POQclan.com PC12: TimberSmash Banlist
PC13 POQclan.com PC13: Zombeez Banlist
PC14 POQclan.com PC14: Zombeez Banlist
PC15 POQclan.com PC15: Zombiis Banlist
PC16 POQclan.com PC16: ! Intense Gulch Banlist
PC17 POQclan.com PC17: ! Massacre Island Banlist
PC18 POQclan.com PC18: ! 1000V DC Banlist
PC19 POQclan.com PC19: ! Intense Gulch Banlist
PC20 POQclan.com PC20: Custom Maps Banlist
PC21 POQclan.com PC21: Custom Maps Banlist
PC22 POQclan.com PC22: Custom Maps Banlist
PC23 POQclan.com PC23: Custom Maps Banlist
PC24 POQclan.com PC24: Custom Maps Banlist

Halo Custom Edition Banlists

Server Current Name Banlist
CE1 þõq POQclan.com CE1: ColdSnap Banlist
CE2 þõq POQclan.com CE2: Ambush Banlist
CE3 þõq POQclan.com CE3: Helix Canyon Banlist
CE4 þõq POQclan.com CE4: Race Banlist
CE5 þõq POQclan.com CE5: Ascension Banlist
CE6 þõq POQclan.com CE6: The Pit Banlist
CE11 þoqclan.com CE11: SideWynder Banlist
CE12 þoqclan.com CE12: Chilly Icefields Banlist
CE13 þoqclan.com CE13: Infinitron Banlist
CE14 þoqclan.com CE14: Infinitron Banlist
CE15 þoqclan.com CE15: Gruesome Gephy Banlist
CE16 þoqclan.com CE16: Intense Gulch Banlist
CE17 þoqclan.com CE17: Massacre Island Banlist
CE18 þoqclan.com CE18: 1000V DC Banlist
CE19 þoqclan.com CE19: Intense Gulch Banlist

Step 2: Find your player name on the banlist

Newer bans tend to be toward the bottom of the list. A quick way to find your name is to use your browser's Find feature (usually Ctrl-F).

Can't find your name?
Bans are linked to the CD Key Hash. If you aren't the only person using your Halo license key (eg. you borrowed it or share it) then someone else using it may have caused your CD Key Hash to be banned under their name. There is no fix for this other than getting your own licensed copy of Halo. If this isn't your first time being banned on this server then also try looking for the name you were using when you were first banned.

Alternatively, your IP address may have been banned instead of your CD key hash. These aren't publicly listed.

Found your name listed, but you've never been banned?
Because names are not reserved in Halo, you may not be the only person who has used that name. Players with the same name will not be effected by the ban because it is linked to the CD Key Hash, not the name.

Step 3: Look at the Ban End Date and the Ban Count

If there is a Ban End Date then your ban is temporary, you do not need to send an unban request as you will automatically be unbanned on the date shown.

If there is no Ban End Date (--) then your ban is permanent, proceed to Step 4.

The length of the ban depends on how many times you have previously been banned (the Ban Count).

Ban CountBan Duration
1 5 mins
2 15 mins
3 7 days
4 28 days
5+ permanent

Step 4: Submit your unban request (only if you have a permanent ban)

Skip this step if you found a temporary ban in Step 3. While you are waiting for your ban to end, you should brush up on our Game Server Rules.

You earn a permanent ban either through a build up of temporary bans (check your Ban Count against the table in Step 3), or a PÕQ Clan member caught you breaking the rules and gave you a permanent administrative ban.

How to submit your unban appeal

  1. Register on our forums if you don't already have an account there.
  2. Read the format for unban requests topic which has important information about the format you should use for your request.
  3. Go to our forums Unban Requests section and post your request.

Sorry that you found yourself in this trouble, but we have certain standards to uphold on our servers. Play clean. Follow the rules. That's all we ask.

PÕQ Leaders