The PPS is a player community (not a clan) that we started in January 2009 to encourage the players on our servers and the members of our clan to all get to know each other a little better.

How to get involved!

Yes we see each other in the game, but that's usually not the best place to have a nice friendly chat and make new friends. So PÕQ Clan has created a special group in our Forums and an Xfire Squad where we all can meet.

There are other benefits to the PPS too. When you join the Xfire Squad you'll have easy access to the PÕQ Clan Leaders and Admins. So if you see trouble in any of our servers, you can call someone to deal with it without even having to leave the game.

We also sometimes schedule special games in our servers with the PPS players and PÕQ members.

And if you're thinking of applying to join the PÕQ Clan, being in the PPS is a great introduction so that we get to know you first. You may even be spotted by one of our recruiters or get to know a member who would sponsor your application.

The only requirement for joining the PPS is that you agree to follow the rules for players on the servers (eg. no swearing, betraying or cheating).

Some players would like to wear PPS tags. This is completely optional, but you are welcome to do so. We recommend you use a tag like 'PPS~YourName'.