Server Mods

Blood Gulch

  1. Overpowered snipers. One shot kills a person. Plus two more shots per round, the last two shots are blank (can not be seen).
  2. Two more shots per round on rockets, the last two shots are blank (can not be seen).
  3. Extra portals are on heath packs. Walk over any single pack or jump on a group of heath packs to go through the portal.
  4. There are 5 main portals behind your base, they are numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Each one leads to a different part on a cliff, except for 5 which leads you to the middle of the map.
  5. On the cliffs the shields are a teleport down to the center of the map (so you can get down from the cliffs).
  6. Walking in the corner of the cliff you're on will lead you to another cliff so you can switch cliffs easily. These are not marked and are not in every corner of the cliff.
  7. Walk into the rock with a Fuel Rod gun placed on it (near tunnel entrance). To get out of the rock, crouch, and walk towards the nearest cliff.
  8. No falling damage
  9. Sped up tanks
  10. Sped up lift off for banshees.
  11. Moved spawns so that people will spawn in 2 different corners near their base. Plenty of vehicles are there, and weapons. This is to reduce spawn killing.

Death Island

  1. Flying warthogs. Controls are space bar to go up and CTRL to go down (same as master chief jumping and crouching). Normal keys for driving the car.
  2. You can walk through the gray rocks. When you're in them no one can see you (they see a rock) and you can easily walk right on out. Great place to catch people by surprise or snipe.
  3. Snipers are overpowered. Kills people in 1 shot, kills banshee in 5 shots. Also there are 6 shots per round instead of 4. The extra two rounds for the sniper are blank (can not be seen).
  4. Rockets now shoot 4 shots per round, instead of 2. The extra 2 rockets per round are blank (can not be seen).
  5. Flying Rocket hogs shoot rockets when you're in driver seat. Controls are click to shoot and a blank (cannot be seen) rocket comes flying out and can kill people. When in gunner seat of the rocket hog the rockets do not fire correctly.
  6. There is no falling damage.
  7. There are secret portals on every heath pack. Either walk over them or jump on them to go through the portal. Most portals are in or near your base.